The Deathwatch Diary (Four)

Atheist though I am, I still marvel at the awesomeness of synchronicities.

All afternoon today, as I cried and blogged and cursed, and my brother argued, and my mother lay still and panting in her hospital bed, the fat gull flew and strutted around the roof outside my mother’s window, screeching, The sound was like fingernails on a blackboard. There was no ignoring it.
So, I googled “seagull totem” and found this, which I share here:

Spiritual Messengers

Sea Gulls are messengers from the gods, especially ancient Celtic deities.

They bridge the gap between the living world and the spirit world.

Opening yourself to their energy enables you to communicate with the other side.

Sea Gull can also give you the ability to soar above your problems

and see things from above. Seeing all the different viewpoints.

Better than any fortune cookie.

And then, went I went outside to get another book from my car, I found the item in the photo below in my book bag, and I hung it on the rack on my mother’s bed that is supposed to hold IV bags.

It’s the talking stick that I and my five women friends jointly and ritually made from a root, stones, feathers, ribbon, yarn, thread, spangles, and even a golf tee. Crone magic of a very special kind.

My daughter chants to set my mother’s spirit free. And I embrace roots and wings for my own spiritual sustenance.

Such everyday magic, these synchronicities.

2 thoughts on “The Deathwatch Diary (Four)

  1. A shortened version:

    Great Mother, welcome her back into your womb,
    She comes to you and knows she is blessed,
    for her life has been one she is proud of.
    As she enters your world, wrap her in your loving arms,
    and welcome her.

    Lord of Death, she waits for you to take her,
    she comes to you willingly, with eyes wide open,
    as her last moment approaches on the horizon.
    May she look upon you without fear, without pain,
    and knowing that those who walked before her,
    await her on the other side.

    Blessed be.

    ** And I add “Happy Healthy and Smiling” because that’s how we ended every phone conversation.**

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