Why the name “Kalilily Time”? Kalilily is pronounced like calla lily, which is my favorite flower.

Kali is for the Hindu Goddess Kali. Lily is for Adam’s original wife, Lilith — both formidable female archetypes.

I began this blog in 2001, when I started as my mother’s live-in caregiver as she began slipping into dementia. The time I spent writing on my blog and reading others was my alone time. As a personal blog, it is pretty much a chronicle of my life, interspersed with essays on whatever topics struck my interest at the time and some of my poetry.

I began when blogging was new, and I was fortunate to become part of a blogging community that included some of the most respected individuals in the fields of technology and communication. As a result, I was invited to attend the first blogging conference held at Harvard. While they all went on to write books and make even bigger names for themselves, I simply continued to blog.

Early on, I was quoted in several newspaper feature articles about women bloggers, and I was one of the oldest female bloggers at the time. When Jeneane Sessum had the idea of a “Blogsisters” site, she invited me to moderate it with her.