help find this hat???

The whole story is here, but the gist of it is this:
b!x has been all over online trying to find this Bailey’s hat in a size large. He wants to wear it to his Dad’s memorial celebration on May 25, which means he needs to get one by May 21, before he gets on a plane to come east for the event. (His Dad passed away on April 10.) There are none available online by the deadline.
Here’s the challenge. If there’s a men’s hat store anywhere near you, dear reader, could you call them and see if they have that hat, which is a black “Johnny” braided (straw) porkpie from Bailey (item # 81680), size large.
If they have the hat, please leave a comment here letting me know how b!X or I can get in touch with you and arrange to have to hat bought and sent to him.
Again, there’s no way to get it on time online, so b!X is hoping someone out there will make a miracle and find him one that he can get on his head by May 21. (It’s a son-father thing.)
Well, why not.

6 thoughts on “help find this hat???

  1. when you find a source of that hat, be sure and let me know if they have an “XL” size, because i’ve yet to find an “L” size hat that fits my head.

    doesn’t need to be a pork pie – a biltmore diamond jim stingy brim hat, for instance, would suffice.

  2. I had the XL of this hat, because that’s what measuring my head told me to order. It was too large for me and I sent it back.

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