new bird on the block

All of the creatures, medium and small, are back to feed in the little space in which our bird feeders hang. It’s the same place where the deer and the bear made their hunger-driven appearances over the winter. Now the space is teeming with the usual chipmunks and squirrels; gold and other finches, including an indigo bunting; the usual flocks of mourning doves and cow birds and house wrens; and the four different kinds of woodpeckers that we’ve been able to identify.
Today, a new movement beyond the window caught my eye. It was a huge wild turkey hen brazenly invading the territory of the usual suspects. And, with might making right, she pretty much grazed wherever she pleased, temporarily displacing the smaller creatures.
If she comes back, it must mean she has her nest nearby. Wild turkeys build their nests on the ground in wooded areas. Perhaps she will return with her brood.
At this rate, I’m going to have to increase my bird food budget. All birds, great and small, are welcome here.

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