Myrln Monday (3)

Myrln is gone, but his spirit remains with us in the power of his words:
From a scrap of paper on his desk — quickly hand-scrawled, a stray thought, bit of story, strand of memory:
Dinner table – metal goblets

These goblets belonged to my mother. Asked us to drink a toast from them because had she lived she would have been 89 years tomorrow. She was 23 when she had me, and had only 4 more years left to live. There are 4 generations sitting here today. I ask you, in her memory, to remember to make the most always of the time you have with those you love and who love you. So, Mamma, here’s to you…salut…by remembering you, we remember ourselves.

See for information about the remembrance party being held in his honor on May 25, as well as plans for publishing his non-published works.

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