terrorists for Jesus

I blogged about it more than a year ago, with the title “fanatics by any other name are still fanatics.” The documentary film on the Jesus Camp is on A&E tonight at 10 p.m.
The documentary is about the “Kids on Fire” Ministry, which apparently has been closed down after much public protest. It has reopened as the Kids in Ministry International.
As I said in the post I made about this terrifying project last year:
Fanatics, whether religious or political (and they’re even more dangerous when they’re both) control their followers by only telling them what they want them to believe, leaving out all kinds of information that might shake their belief. That’s what indoctrination is, what brainwashing is.
And when you start the brainwashing when the individuals are young children — as the Jesuits supposedly say, “Give me the child before the age of seven, and I will give you the man” — you can easily mold fanatics in any way you want.
Are you scared yet? Hah. Watch this. And this.
And be afraid. Be very afraid.
NOTE: One or more of the links in the above are no longer valid.
However, go and read this piece about what was reported about British religious schools a few years ago. If that’s not brainwashing children, I don’t know what is.
And for contemporary twist on things, check out The GodMen and what ABC news showed about this movement’s efforts to make Christianity and Jesus’ legacy more “macho.”
Didn’t Robert Bly and his Iron John movement try this years ago?

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