counting backwards from ten to negative territory

The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily Time’s guest writer every Monday.
So here we are, the last day of the year. My goodness, the LAST day of the YEAR? Yup, last DAY of the year — Idiots Day! Why Idiots? What else can you honestly call any day on which all sense, common or otherwise, is discarded in favor of total disregard for anything but deliberate madness? For counting backwards from 10? Spend only a few minutes to reflect on it, to let yourself picture the numbers of people worldwide who will participate in tonight’s madness — while calling it a celebration. A celebration of what? Of Idiocy, that’s what. Of a total, absolute waste of time, people, and materials.
Imagine instead, every last bit of this day’s energy and resources — human and otherwise — every iota of it expended toward some positive, worthwhile end. What might be achieved? For example, imagine if every smidgen of human energy were directed toward some need instead of wasted, if every penny expended on decorations, drinking, fireworks, confetti, security — all that plus a $10. donation by every single one of the hundreds and hundreds of millions of people who instead will tonight toss their cookies in a gutter (or whatever). What might we be able to achieve with such an effort of that caliber instead of idiot games? That one night’s effort alone could probably finance a total solution to an entire country’s problems.
But we won’t do that. Hell no. Idiots Day is too important. It accomplishes nothing. To which much of the human race is passionately devoted. Feh.
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Hopefully everyone took time Sunday night to watch “Jesus Camp” on A & E television to see how future warriors can be trained early to fight them Muslims. If the camp were a Muslim one, Homeland Security would’ve been all over it to arrest those involved.
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Another entry for the “Our Country” or “Get Yours Today” category. Might wanna sleep out in line to be first to get’em. A veterinarian in California is selling “Neuticles.” What are they? Prosthetic testicles. Why? To replace the missing ones of neutered dogs whose owners either miss the originals or feel guilty cuz their pets can’t deliver any more. And how could we know for sure they’d originate in California?

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