short and sour

The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily Time’s guest writer every Monday.
“Great job, Brownie.” With those immortal words from Prez Dumbya to FEMA’s then director, the whole fiasco about the agency’s ineptitude around hurricane Katrina came to light. Since then, many changes have been made. Great Job guy is gone. FEMA’s under Homeland Security.
With the huge outbreak of wildfires in California, attention partly turned to FEMA to see if anything had changed. For the most part, things seemed better, good and effective cooperation between Federal and State governments. So last Tuesday, FEMA held a press conference. Its Deputy Director fielded questions and supplied answers that put FEMA in an overall excellent light. “I’m very happy with FEMA’s response,” he said.
Only one problem with the whole thing: there were no reporters there. The questions all came from FEMA employees posing as reporters. In other words, it was staged. It was all a lie. There was no news conference. Afterwards, when the “great job, Brownie” moment ultimately came and the sham revealed, the White House said FEMA was guilty of an “error in judgment.”
Right…the error being they got caught doing what this administration and its minions do most and best: lying. When will the entire country finally see that the only commitment the Bush administration has had from its inception is to lying? It lied about Iraq, its Attorney Generals, its Defense Secretary, its State Department, its legal advisors. In short, about its EVERY DAMNED WORD OUT OF ITS DAMNED LYING MOUTH! The only pertinent qualification for getting hired by the Bushies is the answer to this question: How well can you lie?
Those who support the Liars Club should understand: their support makes them as guilty as Dumbya and Friends for the serious undermining of this nation’s Constitution and moral underpinnings. You can’t escape that. Your support of liars makes you one, too. All the righteous posturing in the world about “hard truths” and “compassionate conservatism” and the other claptrap you mouth won’t change the heart of the matter which is this: You support Bush? Then you are also a liar. Nothing you say can be trusted or believed. You live on lies.
Get it?

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