what would I take

I’m wondering.
Suppose I had an hour to get me and my mother out of here. Maybe there’s wildfire coming, or maybe some heartless marauders.
In addition to underwear, socks, shoes, and basic clothing, what are the important things that I would gather up in that short period of time I had before the disaster strikes.
Our medications.
Our eyeglasses.
My CPU, since everything important is on there. I never have time to back up stuff on disks, and I can always buy a keyboard and monitor.
My cell phone.
My cat.
My charge cards and our medical cards.
The family photo collage that my mother has hanging on her wall and that she looks at every day.
My mother’s rosary.
The family photo albums.
I would mourn the loss of my books, my bins of yarn and craft supplies, the rest of my clothes, the boxes of memorabilia. But some of that can be replaced, and I can live without the rest.
It’s interesting to me that it’s my CPU that’s most important. It holds just about all the links to the essentials of my life. If there were no electricity to be had, I would be truly lost.
What would you take?

2 thoughts on “what would I take

  1. thought of this a thousand times. mostly cuz I have an imaginative worry brain that works overtime at nite. (Gee, wonder where the goober gets it from?)
    An hour, huh?

    CPU (Hundreds of photos!).
    Wedding album.
    Baby albums.
    Two fire boxes (full of important papers).
    My purse (which is paranoiacly kept beside the bed in case we need to bolt. Has wallet and cards, cell phones, etc).
    First aid kit.
    Coats, clothes blankets.
    Big bag of goobers favorite trucks. and stuffed loveys.

    Heh…now, where we’d put all this into our little Civic is another story!

  2. After reading Mel’s comment and one that one of my Facebook friends left when I asked the question there, I’m thinking that I really should keep a bag packed in case we have to rush my mother to the hospital.

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