sending success

There was a time, when time was mine, when I would gather sticks and feathers and beads and stones and whatever other relevant and symbolic objects I could find and do my own little bit of magic making. Over my years of blogging, I even have created and snail mailed some to other bloggers from Colorado to South Africa to Australia.
But, time and access being what it is, I am resorting to the virtual this time, as I send my good energies across the country to my son in Portland, Oregon, who is making every effort to land the job he wants.
Instead of poking around for substantial objects that I can wind and weave, I search around for images that have no substance except what I give to them with my hopes and wishes. And so this virtual talisman for success. To my son.


1 thought on “sending success

  1. can i have one too?

    actually, it’s for my family – specifically, it’s for both of us to have a change of livelihood and lifestyle so that mama can spend more time at home with bambina.

    even more specifically, it’s for the failed rock star to be freed from this f?!?ing kryptonite telephone booth, free to fly and save the world once more.

    do you take american express?

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