An Open Letter

The following post is by MYRLN, a non-blogger who is Kalilily’s guest writer every Monday.
Dear President Mr. Gee Dumbya Bush:
This is a letter to you but also many others may read it ‘cuz it’s an open letter. One of your aides can explain to you what that is. And I know you’re on vacation right now, but maybe one of your aides will read this to you anyway.
Well, President Mr. Etc., I am a lifelong citizen and fan of the United States of America, but lately it’s more like the Un-United States, and that troubles me. You said you’d be the uniter. But instead of a Union, we seem to be more like an onion — with layers being peeled away ’til all that’s left are you, your dog, and Laura (she’s your wife). And 2 people and a pooch are hardly enough to be a country as I think even you could see. (If not, one of your aides could explain it.)
The reason for our problems, in part, is that you’re, as you like to say, the 911 prez. To you, that refers to the terrorist attack on the U.S., but what it’s really more like is the other 911, the emergency number we need to call almost every day ‘cuz of the trouble we’re in since you got elected and somehow re-elected. (I won’t bring up the election cheating business right now.) Like the dumb war you started and can’t figure how to finish (and your aides are obviously no help there).
Then, too, there’s your trimming away at the Constitution (no, not the ship, ask your aides) and hiding behind your Executive Privilege (which someone told me you think is a car) or the line about Need to Know. That last I understand some ‘cuz where your presidency’s concerned, I have a similar need, too: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!
And you oughta stop trying to scare people with those “maybe” terrorist threats you announce so as to keep some kind of hold over folks (like all terrorists do) by yelling “BOO!” at them every once in awhile when you feel the heat creeping up the backside of your presidency. Try remembering this is the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE (which one of your aides etc). It’s only you and your VEEP who duck into hidey-holes when some kind of trouble threatens.
Anyway, that’s what I wanted to say.
Myrln S. Orcerer
p.s. My daddy read this over and says it shouldn’t be “Dumbya” in the salutation ‘cuz that’s plain wrong. I told him if he thinks it’s not Dumbya, he hasn’t been paying attention the last couple of years! (If you don’t get it, one of your aides…oh you probably know the drill by now. If not, one of your…….)

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