out of the funk and into the fire

I’m feeling fired up, thanks to Ex-Liontamer, r@d@r
I don’t know who “r@d@r” really is. That is I don’t know his real-world name. But his blog has been on my radar since I started blogging, and he sometimes leaves comments here, the last one being on my previous post.
So, he’s got me fired up about creating something to urge the universe to give him and his family some well-deserved changes in fortune. And we’re both going to blog the process. He’s already begun.
(As a relevant aside, I heard Keith Olbermann today report on an Oxford professor’s assertion that planet earth and those of us on it could be a simulation that some greater intelligence is playing on his/her computer. A sort of truly complex version of “Sim City.” Heh. God as some ultimate computer geek; or else the ultimate alien invasion. The point of my aside being, if that’s the case, all the more possibility for the effectiveness of ritual, prayer, and ordinary magic.)
It also helped to fire up my spirit that a friend from Albany called this morning and invited me to join her and her aunt for lunch at the Culinary Institute of America (which, it turns out, is only about 15 miles from where I live). My brother agreed to take over my day shift, and off I went for a gourmet lunch that ended in some Tiramisu the way it should be made.
My taste buds are in ecstasy and my right brain is in overdrive. That pretty much makes a perfect day for me.
Stay tuned as r@d@r and I connect to instigate a shift in the universe.

1 thought on “out of the funk and into the fire

  1. Even if the good professor at Oxford is correct, all he has really done is push back the created realm by a single iteration; he hasn’t done anything of theological significance. What Mr. Olbermann and many other readers of the simulation article miss is this: if we inhabit a simulation, then the programmer of the simulation is merely a contingent creature like ourselves.

    But the existence of contingent entities like ourselves, everything we know of in the universe, indeed everything we can conceive of in the universe, and a programmer running our universe as a simulation, connotes a first order of non-contingent existence which is its causal predecessor.

    So even a simulation still points toward something eternal and necessarily existing. There are other reasons to think that volition inheres in this non-contingent first cause, but that’s beyond the scope of this post.

    Have fun. Thanks for stopping by the Naked Church blog. Peace.

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