Harper’s Tuesday on Thursday

Some things you just don’t want to miss, such as:


Furry crabs were found in Chesapeake Bay. [Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo]
During a debate with his Democratic rival, Senator Conrad Burns of Montana said that President Bush (who this week compared Iraq to Vietnam) has a secret plan for winning the war, but that Bush is not going to share his plan with the world.[Billings Gazette][FT]
The king of Spain denied that he had shot and killed a drunken bear.[IHT via NYT]
A Massachusetts elementary school banned tag.[CBS News]


Las Vegas magnate Steve Wynn elbowed a hole through Picasso’s “Le Reve,” a painting he had just sold for a record $139 million.
Scotland Yard and the British Home Office misplaced two “extremely dangerous” terrorism suspects. One escaped from a secure psychiatric unit, and neither can be named for legal reasons
The Maine National Guard has been offering “Flat Daddies” and “Flat Mommies,” life-size cardboard cutouts of deployed service members, to spouses, children, and relatives waiting for them to return.

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