Fascists rule

No, I’m not saying that Fascists are great. I’m saying that Fascists rule our county today. I mean, even a group of senior citizens carrying boxes of donuts as symbolic statements are being rousted by police. I got that story from here, in a post that also cites blatant tyrannies of our government leaders.
Of course, in the little picture, I live with a 90 year old fascist dictator who refuses to cooperate or doing anything that she doesn’t want to do. I often can understand why some institutions medicate older people into obedience. The alternative is that their behavior is dangerous to themselves and frustrating and exhausting for everyone else.
So, I’m doing some research into using essential oils (inhaling, applying, and ingesting) on her as a non-intrusive way to help her focus, calm down, and find some kind of joy in her complaint-filled existence..

Of all our senses, the sense of smell is the most intimately connected with the brain. In spite of this, the sense of smell is very complex in how it functions. The mechanism by which the odor receptor cells interact with odor-causing molecules is still unknown, but studies of odors and the structure of the odor-causing molecules has revealed some correlations.

Fragrance inhalation through the nose goes directly to the brain where its neurological effects can alter blood pressure, pulse and mood, as well as having sedative effects

I have heard that the sense of scent is the last to leave a dying person’s consciousness.

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