Hooray for the Elderbloggers

Despite my mother’s being in an “don’t leave me alone” frame of mind, I managed to get some time in at Ronni Bennet’s Elderblogger PhoneCon yesterday. Some 25 bloggers showed up. Only two guys, as far as I know. But that was OK because the women who chatted all had fascinating and/or funny things to say. I think I spent every minute that I was on-phone laughing. The biggest chuckles were the result of the hilarious one-liners from lovely Golden Lucy, 84 years old and good enough to have a career as a stand-up comic.
She stands in contrast to what my mother was at 84 — which is only a little more coherent than she is now. We took a ride today to visit my father’s grave and have lunch with her three remaining living friends. I think the whole trip was too much for her. While she was looking forward to seeing her friends before we went, on the way home she asked who those people were. She sort of knew and sort of didn’t. Just like she sort of is and sort of isn’t.
The one thing about blogging is that there is no end to the friends you can make. Over the PhoneCon, everyone admitted that they would love to meet each other in person. With Claude Blogging in Paris and the rest of us spread all other this country, it’s just a fun fantasy — although recently Claude did visit Ronni in Maine.
If you go to Ronni’s post about the event, there are links to the other participants, including Joared, who just used to leave comments but inaugurated her first very own weblog yesterday.

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  1. I had no idea what to expect from Phonecon and it turned out to be terrific. You’re right – we laughed a lot, but we covered some serious issues too.
    It’s also interesting to put voices with the words we read. I heard from Ian at Panchromatica in the U.K. that he phoned to listen for a while but didn’t want to interrupt Claude then and he couldn’t stay long. And there were several others who “hovered”.
    Next Elderblogger PhoneCon is scheduled for late January.

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