tomorrow, tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Elderblogger PhoneCon set up by Ronni Bennet , a premiere elderblogger in her own right.
I don’t know who else will be there, but I’m sure looking forward to finding out.
On Wednesday, we’re taking my mother for a ride down to our home town, where my Dad is buried. Wednesday is his birthday, and we’re going to visit the cemetery. And then take my mom to visit with the three old time friends of hers who are still alive and still living in Yonkers.
Wednesday is also my son’s birthday. Somehow he managed to get born on a day that made him the perfect birthday present for my Dad. They used to celebrate their birthdays together. Now my son lives across the country in the Pactific Northwest, and my Dad has been dead for more than 25 years. October 25 will be a bittersweet day.
Wonder Women, all.

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  1. I thought of you when I read this on a friends site. She wrote the poem. Her dad has alzheimers. Her site is
    Flesh and bone
    Heart still beating
    Only motion
    Breathing, eating.
    Prison cruel
    A living dead
    Mocking laughter
    Fill my head.
    Revolving faces
    Known or not.
    Doesn’t matter:
    Cold or hot.
    Day or week or month or year
    Time suspended.
    Left, much fear.
    Coherent thought
    Now eluding.
    Takes its place
    Thought deluding
    Monsters lurk at every door.
    Mind held captive, wanting more.
    Always looping, endless reel
    Flashbacks true? Are they real?
    Footing, sure or steady—Either!
    Mind or body, I have neither
    Sons and daughters
    Are they mine?
    Once familiar, now benign.
    Time for bed or time for tea
    DOES NOT MATTER, can’t you see?
    Broken bones one day will mend
    Broken minds do not end.
    Paranoia. Panic. Dreams.
    Nothing ever as it seems.
    Holding pattern. Purgatory.
    Agonizing end of story.
    Regret and sin, confession weeps.
    Forgiveness…please? My soul to keep.
    Child-like prayers, can You hear?
    Silent screams in Spirit’s ear.
    Tender Peace
    Invade his soul.
    Loving God, make him whole.
    Glory’s touch. Eternal light.
    Radiance, diffuse this night
    Balm the heart. Salve the pain.
    Lose this world and You he’ll gain.
    Forever healed, end of strife
    Truth, a person, kiss of life.

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