It’s Harper’s Tuesday and I’m sick and tired.

Despite the parallel construction, the two statements in the title of this post are not related.
The truth is, I’ve got a wicked sore throat and a cold sore in the corner of my upper lip that even Abreva is having a hard time with. I’ve been spraying my mouth with a zinc acetate spray, which really does help, but now everything I put in my mouth tastes like zinc acetate. I have to stay away from my mother so she doesn’t get sick. Every cloud has a silver lining, right?? On the other hand, while I have lots of projects I’d like to work on, I’m just too wiped out to get into any of them.
And, on top of that, my daughter and her family were going to come and visit this weekend, but both my grandson and I are sick. So it goes.
Meanwhile, here’s the best of this week’s Harper’s Weekly Review:


North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong Il was said to be at risk of losing his access to McDonald’s hamburgers and Hennessy cognac if sanctions on luxury goods are imposed in response to his country’s recent nuclear testing.
In China’s Shanxi and Shaanxi Provinces, families with dead sons complained that corpse brides were in short supply.
A Pennsylvania woman was arrested for beating her baby’s father with the baby.[AP via New York Times]
In Bombay, where the city courts faced a backlog of 16,234,223 cases, police arrested a drunk three-foot-tall man for extorting money from people with a meat cleaver. “Everyone pampered him because he was so small and cute,” said the man’s brother. “But he has brought great misfortune for the family.”[Mumbai Mirror]
The U.S. Department of Justice accused blacks of suppressing the white vote in Mississippi.
India’s Supreme Court ordered the seizure of 300 macaques who had terrorized bureaucrats and destroyed top-secret defense documents.
Walnut-related crimes were on the rise in the United States,[Appeal-Democrat]
Two Indianapolis morticians ran into a burning building to save three corpses;
In Uganda, a mob armed with spears, machetes, and clubs killed a lioness, mutilated the carcass, and imprisoned the remains


Research by U.S. epidemiologists and Iraqi physicians found that 654,965 Iraqis have died as a result of the Iraq war, though half of households surveyed were unsure of who to blame for the deaths of their family members
Libya announced that it would provide laptop computers for 1.2 million schoolchildren,[AP via CBS News][AP via] and Chinese Wal-Mart workers unionized.[International Herald Tribune]
Americans were claiming political asylum in Britain.
Fish leapt from the ocean near Hawaii in anticipation of an earthquake

There are lots more news items to Huh and Hah about if you go over to Harper’s.
But there are just too many Huhs and not enough Hahs as far as I’m concerned. Just another indication of how screwy our world is getting. Curiouser and curioser.

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