thank you, Frank

Frank Paynter posted about it, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t pick up on the implications until I read what he wrote. He begins his post with this:

This post is not about the grim and twisted irony of the violence of a school shooting in Amish country. Rather, I want to draw attention to the unspoken horror of the misogyny, the hate crime against the female gender that it represents.

Frank links to several female bloggers who posted vehemently and accurately about what seems to be an increasing number of hate crimes against females. He ends his post with this:

Misogyny is everywhere. It’s in the burka. It’s in the genital mutilation of so-called “female circumcision.” It’s in the Chinese infanticide of baby girls. It’s practically a human condition. Yet once slavery was a human condition too, and now, except for a few corporate monsters, some backwards nations, and the perversion of sexual slavery it has largely been wiped out. Can we make progress against misogyny too?

I wonder why all of us female bloggers aren’t all posting about how the status and safety of all of us females is consistently being eroded. Why aren’t we mad as hell!
Every night, my news stations report the rape and murder of some female, the lethal violence against some child. Tonight it was what was believed to be a mother and daughter murdered in an apartment on NYC’s upper west side.

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