“Nobody’s all good.”

That’s what a 14 year old boy who was locked in a burning shed by other boys said about the lesson he learned from the experience.
Most of us have always known that. Everyone has the potential to do evil deeds, but whatever sense of morality we have tends to keep that potential in check. It seems to me, however, that these days there is a worldwide shift to the darkside.
Violent crime in England and Wales has risen 14%.
Murders in the United States jumped 4.8 percent last year, and overall violent crime was up 2.5 percent for the year, marking the largest annual increase in crime in the United States since 1991
With the number of homicides in Sacramento already past last year’s death toll, 2006 could prove to be one of Sacramento’s most violent years in recent history
And on and on.
Elder abuse is a growing problem.
Whatever the reason/s, an increasing number of people seem to be either unable to keep their cool or have simply forsaken their humanity.
You just can’t help wondering what’s pushing so many of us in that dark direction. Is it the war and all of the publicized violence associated with it? Is it the glorification of violence and immorality in video games, on television, in the movies? Is it the frustrations of living in poverty — getting poorer as the rich get richer? Is it the tragic lack of role models among our leaders — both cultural and political?
I suggest that it’s the cumulative effect of all of the above (and more). More than ever belfore, we are surrounded constantly by seductions toward the darkside.
No, nobody’s all good. But it used to be that most were mostly so.

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