another ecclesiocratic coup

T.jpghe following from an email from non-blogger myrln, who is also an avid Red Sox fan. When I saw this reported on television, at first I thought it was a joke. But, NOOOO. We are becoming just like our own sworn enemies.

“Okay, I’m pretty tolerant about people’s religious persuasions, figuring everybody makes mistakes and has the right to screw up their minds in their own ways. But I’ve now had it with christian fundamentalists cuz they’re screwing with BASEBALL! I learned yesterday that to boost attendance it’s been a practice for awhile for minor league teams in the south to sponsor what they call “faith days (or nights).” Fundamentalists hold a religious rally at the ballpark, with bands, singing, and testimonials by players who share the faith. Then they have the game. Now it’s spread north, as the Buffalo minor league franchise has scheduled such events. And even worse, it’s now spread to the MAJOR LEAGUES! The Atlanta Braves have scheduled 3 “faith days” at the their park for this season.
Now, never mind these christian events are not matched equally by judaic, islamic, hindu, buddhist, taoist, atheist events (and may be insulting to those on that list), what’s really important is that they’re in BASEBALL STADIUMS where they play BASEBALL (and hold occasional rock concerts). It’s bad enough they do the “God Bless America” bit before the 7th inning at Yankee Stadium (since 9/11 — which it’s time we began to let go of, huh?), what’s next prayers and pledge of allegiance along with the national anthem before the game? when the home team’s got a potential walk-off situation? when we need the opponents to strike out? My God (no, strike that), my word, where will it end? Will the Catholics want to serve holy communion? Will the born-agains want to hold baptism for a batter in a clutch situation who decides he might need some extraterrestrial help?
Nononononono! Out of baseball, you right-wing wackos! Go to the wrestling world — yeah, good wrestling with evil. It’s a perfect fit for you.
Just had a great image flash: catholic priests roving up and down the ballpark aisles. “Hey communion here! Get your holy hosts! How many over there? Three? You gottem!”.

If you’d like a visual and aural reinforcement to the sad state of our United States, go here.

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