is “Jew” the same as “Israeli”?

J.jpg‘ve been wanting to write something about this issue, but, being neither one or the other or both, I felt I shouldn’t.
However, an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, written by a practicing Jew, put it out there in a way I respect and understand and support.
I wasn’t looking for this kind of piece. I went over to check out my blogfriend Tamarika and linked to this post of hers, which led me to this blogpost.
Andrew Benjamin, a professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, and a fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, ended his article in the Sydney Morning Herald with this:

Until Jews are prepared to articulate the need to sever the identification of Judaism and Israel, anti-Semitism will flourish. Until Jews are prepared to argue that the Holocaust and its legacy is not the province of a nation state, let alone a justification for Zionism, our responsibility in relation to the dead will continue to be betrayed. We should demand better of ourselves..

Thank you, Professor Benjamin, for answering my question so clearly and honestly.

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