Happy Harper’s Tuesday

The following are some odd pieces of news, excerpted from here.
¤ the Senate Permanent Investigations subcommittee reported that law enforcement agencies were powerless to prevent the super-rich from cheating on their taxes
¤ the London School of Economics determined that good-looking couples are 36 percent more likely than their ugly counterparts to have female offspring
¤ a Chicago woman was suing Borders Books after she was “permanently disfigured” in a toilet seat accident
¤ in China 50,000 dogs died in Yunnan province when government-authorized “killing teams” crept into villages at night and beat the dogs to death
¤ a laser-equipped research aircraft owned by NASA was being used to locate woodpeckers in the Mississippi Delta
¤ at least 25,000 chickens died in Indiana from the heat, and geologists in Ohio were baffled by the earthquakes in suburban Cleveland
¤ bungs, drugs, and wholesale cheating were declared to be the norm in all major sports.

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