I am such an idiot!

I don’t know anyone around here, and my chance of meeting any interesting men is zero.
But I blew it.
I’m standing in the line at ShopRite, and behind me is a tall, gray-haired, slim guy who starts talking to me.
“Ah, watermelon,” he says, glancing in my shopping cart. “You know it’s summer when there’s watermelon.”
And so the conversation starts. I find out that he’s cooking for sixteen people this weekend — chicken on the BBQ, peas and chopped shallot salad, asparagus and procuitto, three bean salad. He loves to cook. He comments on the good stuff I have in my cart, we both have grandchildren, he’s single (he works that in very subtly). He’s SINGLE. I think he leaves me an opening to invite myself to dinner, but I don’t pick it up and run with it.
What’s the matter with me!!
I get out to the parking lot and pack my car with my groceries. I get in and take out of my wallet my weblog “business card.” I drive around the parking lot to see if I can catch up with him — good excuse: I’m always looking for readers for my weblog.
No dice.
I blew it. I am such an idiot.
That snake is living right under my doorstep — scared him/her out when I left to go grocery shopping. Lithuanian folklore says that snakes under your doorstep are good luck.
I blew it.

2 thoughts on “I am such an idiot!

  1. move it would have ended up in embarrassment (just trying to look at the bright side)
    Course — I also wonder, if he were interested, why didn’t he just say, “So — what are YOUR plans for the fourth? BBQs?? Fireworks?” etc. So he’d know. Then he could have just invited you.
    Also — if you’ve seen him once, he lives in town, you’ll see him again. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

  2. first attempt dropped the whole beginning of my post!!!!
    What I said was, Look at it another way — could have been that you read the signals wrong and had you made a move…
    blah blah etc

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