what about a bloggerhood?

Iknow that injustice is rampant in this world — bad things happen to good people.
Lots of times those injustices happen arbitrarily: Life As Crapshoot.
But sometimes they could have been avoided, and there are individuals responsible for perpetrating them. I’m thinking of the injustices that Mandarin Meg should never have suffered.
Because I have a hard time falling asleep at night, I often listen to novels that I download from my library and play on my mp3 player. I don’t listen to great literature; I usually listen to mysteries of various kinds. (What has that got to do with injustice, you might be wondering.) Lately I’ve been listening to the “Sisterhood” series written by Fern MIchaels. The stories revolve around a group of women, all of whom have had great injustices done to them that the legal system was not able to deal with for one reason or another. Led by a very wealthy “older woman” (she’s 60; imagine that!) they go about using their individual abilities– vigilante style — to right the wrongs done to them and other women.
As many bloggers respond to the tragedy of Meg’s death, I’m thinking we should start a blogger group that would use all of our skills on the internet to right wrongs done to other bloggers. We could call ourselves
Yes, what if…………………………

3 thoughts on “what about a bloggerhood?

  1. I’m in! I don’t know what it would look like, but I’m in. pro-bona legal help to women online? a directory or smoking gun style site outing people who take advantage of other people? How quickly before we’d be sued out of our homes by the same folks we outed though…? Perhaps online gives enough anonymity where we don’t need the witness protection program? In which case, we’d have to delete this post and this comment! 😉
    It’s a great idea–I think of retired women lawyers with nothing to lose leading the charge? I wonder where we would find them…?

  2. Hah! If anyone can come up with a way to make it work, I’d gladly erase this post. Where is that old problem solving group we had a weblog for when we need it?

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