taking a breather

After she refused to eat the salmon I prepared, after she took my book and hid it in her nightstand, after she walked aimlessly around her space while I sat encouraging her to watch television with me, she wandered over to my sib’s space and is watching tv with him. Ahhhhhh! I have some breathing space before the “4400” comes on.
And so I go and read some of my favorite weblogs and come upon By Bea’s Bedside weblog, to which I linked from the comments left on Ronni’s post at Time Goes By.
Alexandra, who is Bea’s daughter and also her caregiver is having a much different experience than I. I envy her selflessness and her mother’s personality. I plan on reading her often; maybe I can learn to look at my mother through her colorful eyes.
Meanwhile, while I was at Ronni’s I lifted the “Keep on Blogging” poster now in my sidebar from Ronni’s site. I’ve got to get over to Ronni’s more often. Everything she has to say winds up being something I already care about.

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