seeing the I Ching

all things flow toward water
wood grows upward
The above quotes are from reflections on I Ching hexagrams that were posted alongside photographs in a museum exhibition I went over to see on it’s last day.
Originating in New Mexico,
The idea for this project came from the text of the I Ching, where each hexagram and individual lines making up the hexagram represents different natural phenomena. The words of the hexagram evoke an image in the natural world. Russek and Scheinbaum made images that are visual interpretation, using the natural world as metaphor. Their photographs are not literal interpretations of the ideas, but rather, after careful study of the hexagram and its component parts, the photographs hold the spirit of the overall meaning, the emotional essence. Among the I Ching’s remarkable qualities is its capacity to speak universally through lyrical allegories of the natural and human worlds.
There’s one other quote that I remember, and it just seems such an appropriate reminder for me.
upward movement is not accomplished through agitation but with humility, flexibility, and grace.
Onward and upward.

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