something for the bible-belchers

The new exhibition called “Darwin” at the American Museum of Natural History portrays the making of the man and the scientist, and it reminds us how well and how fully evolution explains the life around us. It also captures the way Darwin’s theory opened an entirely new window in the human imagination.
Darwin presented the strongest, most detailed argument and evidence for evolution that he could. He also carefully presented the strongest objections to his theory that he could. Under a century and a half of close examination, his theory has grown more and more solid – with refinements, of course. Under the kind of scrutiny that Darwin bestowed on himself, the notion of intelligent design vanishes in a puff of smoke like the bunkum it is.
“I do not attack Moses,” Darwin once wrote, “and I think Moses can take care of himself.” But the problem is not Moses, or Jesus or God. It is humanity itself. To the extent that the furor over evolution represents a cultural crisis in America – and only in America – it is a crisis of credulity, not faith, a crisis rooted in neglect and ignorance.

Perhaps seeing would be believing.
Read the entire editorial in the NY Times.

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