spiders and ants and bears, oh my!

Not as bad as lions and tigers, but we do have a bear that tore down our bird feeder and mangled our large garbage bin last night.
Such is one of the many differences between living on the third floor of a steel and cement building two blocks off the busiest street in a small city and digging in in the middle of the woods.
We wage a constant war against the insect kingdoms. The bear we leave alone and hope he/she finds better pickings somewhere else. Apparently DEC sees no reason to hunt him/her down; he/she hasn’t hurt anyone, yet.
And so we coexist.

5 thoughts on “spiders and ants and bears, oh my!

  1. spiders? Oy have we got spiders — as for coexisting…well, if they stay off the house and off my garden and off Lex’s swingset, fine. But if I find them stringing webs over my front door, over windows or across the slide, well, sorry. Gotta go.
    And some of ’em are just too damned big and creepy to be seen so close to the house. I don’t need any egg sacks with a million spiderettes crawling through cracks under the door.

  2. After careful consideration, I’ve decided this is a matter either of grin and BEAR it, or in the case of a certain grandson, of grin and BARE it.

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