the ins and outs of power

It’s bizarre living back in a “family” type situation, with a male, a female, and someone who is drifting toward a second childhood. I’m glad that I learned over the years how to stand up to males who are used to controlling everything around them. I no longer have the total power over my life that I used to have, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to give up any of what I have left without a fight.
We had a literal power failure for a few hours this evening, just as it was getting dark. That seems to happen frequently in this part of the mountains. We three sat outside in lawn chairs until it got dark, eating ice cream and hoping the bear didn’t decide to stop by.
When the power came back on, my mom and I watched a movie: The Upside of Anger, which ended with one of the young characters thinking: “the upside of anger is the person we become.”
At various times in my life, my anger propelled me out of where I was stuck and gave me the energy to reinvent myself. Anger is a powerful motivator.
The upside of anger is the person we become.
Yes, indeed.

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