The Reel Deal; the Real Dean.

Someone finally did the smart thing — they uploaded the video they took as one of the crowd during Howard Dean’s speech. See what it was like for the people who were there, from their POV, and see how it’s not what the media turned it into.
I got this from Werther Kems, who reports that Idiom Studio has posted the speech
as seen by a personal video camera out in the audience. It’s available in three different formats, and two different sizes in each format.
It’s an entirely different effect and experience. And it shows up the media for the unprofessional swamp it really is — not that we needed yet another reminder, but they themselves certainly do. Let’s see if any of them bother to play this personal in-the-crowd POV, this version which better serves the media’s role to properly and accurately report the news.
Don’t hold your breath. You don’t look good bloated and blue.

Also, in an “Open Memo to Congressional Democrats,” Kems spells out a five-part assignment that begins:
Since, as previously stated, politics is not merely some intellectual exercise, and since the stakes this time are so enormously high, and since no one is bothering to adequately provide the full context of the onslaught, and since your party is in dire need of appearing to actually comprehend the enormity of the situation, here’s your assignment.
Read the audacious five-part assignment here.

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