Dreaming Weird

Lindsay, over at Frog Star, is one of my every-day reads. She’s young enough (under the right circumstances) to be my grandaugther, but I keep learning from what she writes. I’m going to follow up on this post of hers soon.
But meanwhile, she has a newer post about this unbelievably detailed dream that she had that reads like a sci-fi novel. I used to have dreams like that. Now, most of them, while rich with sound, color, and sensory details — as well as convoluted plots — all seem to be trying to say the same thing.
Last night, for example, I dreamed I was going back for a college reunion, only I lived near the campus, so I didn’t have to stay overnight in the dorm. I did, however, bring a change of clothes. The only place I could change, however, was a coat room, and I started to try and do that. Only people get walking in as I had my shirt almost off. So I grabbed the clothes I wanted to change into against my chest (I was bare from the waist up) and went looking for a ladies room to change in. After walking around these wide public hallways for a while, I finally found one — but the stalls were too small to change in, they were filthy, and all kinds of people kept walking in and out. At that point, I realized that I had to pee, but there was no way I would sit on any of the seats. (Actually, I really did have to pee in real life, but I remember thinking that I wanted to stay asleep so that I could resolve my dreaming dilemma.) So, I somehow found an empty dorm room and went in to change. But then I realized that I didn’t have any underwear to change into, and the clothes I was carrying didn’t fit me.
I went over to a telephone by the bed and tried to dial out for help. But I couldn’t punch in all the numbers because most of them had been broken off and didn’t work. And I really had to pee.
Suddenly, there was this cow (now, where the hell did she come from) in the room and she was was peeing all over the floor.
At that point, I made myself wake up and go to the bathroom. I never did get out of that room.
What’s interesting is that I often dream of a college campus that’s also like a big resort hotel and grounds. I always get lost — can’t get from where I am to where I want to go. Stairs that should get me from one floor to another end up in another building entirely. Same thing with elevators.
I have to stop having those late night snacks!

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