We Got Gort

This today from non-blogger Mars-watcher myrln:
I think I know what’s going on. The Martians have WMD (Weapons of Mission Destruction). I think we should immediately send troops (preferably Dumbya, Dickie, Rummy, and Asholecroft) w/o UN agreement along with Halliburton experts to find and destroy the weapons and capture Saddamars Holstein. Tom Ridge we have to keep here to protect the homeland from interplanetary terrorists such as Gort who was left behind by Klaatu when he left earth and is living in a undetermined secret location. (No, I’m not suggesting Dick Cheney is really Gort…altho’…?). Why do you think Dumbya was in Roswell yesterday. He knows cuz God told him (not meaning the god Mars who of course is not on our side in this interplanetary conflict). Barado nicto! Barada nicto!

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  1. I did a web search for asholecroft and got your site. With all the talk of a new supream court justice in the near future and just now I heard something on CBC on old john and i thought i would do a search. Keep up the good work.

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