Real People, Warts and All

Judith Steinberg Dean and her husband, Howard — real people, warts and all. They care. They have passion for what they believe in. A Jewish wife and a Christian husband and somehow they work it out so everyone wins. Two demanding careers, and somehow they work it out so everyone wins. Two very different personalities, and somehow they work it out so everyone wins. Isn’t it time that we had a president who’s passionate to work things out?
I can’t say it any better than Werther Kems, who has come to my attention through one of my West Coast contacts.
Here’s a snippet from yesterday’s post-Sawyer interview post:
Politicians, pundits, and press are scared out of their minds of an authentic populace roused to fight the good fight when none of them will. It’s why barely a moment passed after the Iowa speech before it was seized upon as evidence of some sort of defect.
Authenticity is not a defect. Voice is not a defect. Passion is not a defect. Neither is a deep and abiding respect for one’s supporters.
Co-opt the screech. Supporters need to make it mandatory at all campaign events. Admist the bellowing cheers and chants, masses of Dean supporters should swing their arms through the air and respond to their candidate’s Monday yawp with one of their own, day after day, week after week, campaign stop after campaign stop.

Go and read the whole meme. And spread the word.

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