The spooky 11:11 is baaaack.

Every so often, I start seeing the numbers 11:11. What’s really spooky is that I’m not the only one.

It started several years ago, and I wrote about it somewhere on my old weblog but I can’t seem to locate the post. It started with purchases that totaled $11.11. Or change from purchases. Then, it seemed like every time I looked at a digital clock, it said 11:11. I go through spurts like that every once in a while.

It’s happening again. At least with the clocks — in my car, my bedroom, the VCR. I understand that it’s likely that somewhere in my subconscious I’m telling myself to look at a clock when I sense it’s that time. But that doesn’t explain why it only happens every so often, with no logical reason why it should start again.

I’m an irreverent non-believer, which you might not believe because I love to conjure rituals and am fascinated by synchronicities — especially because everything in life really happens so randomly.

Some people are born into poverty and ignorance and some into affluence and privilege. Some get cancer and some depressed and some breeze through life full of joy and energy.

Yesterday, I relaxed for a couple of hours at a friend’s pool — gossiping, reading, book-reviewing, keeping cool and privileged in a manicured back yard of the lovely home that she got in her divorce settlement. And across the city and across the world, others sweltered, suffered, starved. It’s a crapshoot that we begin where we begin.

One one one one. The beginning number. 11:11. Supposedly it means that I’m on the right track. I sure don’t feel like it.

It’s spooky.

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  1. Heh. My birthday is on 11/11 and I consider it my lucky number. I read somewhere that because there are so many people and so many things in the world, there’s bound to be strange coincidences because it’s within the realm of probability. What would be even more unusual would be if there *weren’t* any coincidences.

  2. Interestingly, I have the same sort of relationship with the numbers 7-4-7 (which may have its genesis in my dislike of flying). Often have woken at 7:47, see it often in the eve, in license plates, and in amounts I pay at grocery stores, etc. Never hit it on the daily number!

  3. That website is spooky. I went on the tour. Neat pictures! Although I have had more than my fair share of 11:11 sightings, I also have been plagued by 33 or 3:33 p.m. or a.m., the number 33 always seems to follow me around, be my lucky number, etc. According to Solara, that number means a readiness for universal service. What does that mean? I can’t even get my local internet service to work properly.

  4. Mate! I have exactly the same thing, it’s been happening on and off for about 3 years. I look at a clock, and it’s 11, on my PC, my digital, my watch… I really don’t understand it. Someone said about the subconsciously noticing it to me, but I don’t see why I would notice that over anything else….
    Tell you what mate, it freaks me out, we aren’t the only 2 I’ve seen mention it. I don’t think there will ever be an answer, which is a shame :p

  5. Hi my name is christian i was born on april 1,1990 and i am 13. i started seeing the number 11 everywhere. I also started seeing tripled numbers like 222,333,444 ect on digitel clock. !!!oh my god im seeing 6:11 on the clock now!!! Anyways but what really scared me off was when i just realised today that on my six grade year book my baby pictures number is 111 because very picture has a number and i was given 111, that freaked me out. And one time when i went to check about people who have the same problem as i do i read a story of a person who kept seeing 2:22 on a clock, and automatically i look at the clock with out wanting and guess what i saw!!! 2:22.

  6. This is the strangest thing isnt it. I have been seeing 11:11 for 9 yrs now. I have no clue why. I thought maybe it was my lucky number or something. I had my youngest daugher use that number for softball (11). I tried it a few times when i played lottery tickets.( no luck there) So honestly. I have no idea what it means.

  7. I have found that number several times and its quite weird. Today I began searching info on the internet and found several people like Solara making money out of it. If its a service and all the things she says, she shouldnt be doing it, so I think that Solara is quite crap and she just wants to make money. However its quite nice to find people that share the same spooky experience and do not believe in all that crap. Also found that the Sep 11 has to do with it. Bah. However, something inside is recalling it, thats for sure, and I would like to make people think what might be.

  8. Hi.
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  9. I would dearly love to know what it is I am really telling myself when I see those 11’s as well. It’s been going on with me for about 2 years and your right – it’s spooky!

  10. 11:11, I have been having a hard time with this as well. It started about 2 months about and I have looked at the clock over and over and it is always 11:11 I started reading up on it on NVISIBLE ! I still don’t quite understand it all! But, I am learning. I mentioned seeing 11:11 to my brother and his wife. And now they are bring haunted by it!! Everytime I look at the clock and it says 11:11 I get chills, can’t understand that! My brother even went and played the number. I was going to but changed my mind.

  11. Anybody seeing 666 ? What is the signifiance of this ..looks very scary ..I see it in everything ,every so often ? If anybody knows ..please reply
    signed ,
    confused & spooked !

  12. I keep seeing 11 when i look at the clock… 1:11, 2:11, 3:11, etc..
    whats going on? it really bothers me, this has been happening for awhile now…i’m getting used to it, since it happens so often…and input? please?

  13. I have been seeing 11:11 and 9:11 for the past 2 years every day i see that nuber even on recites from the store, on my phone once i dialed on accident i erased it and turned it off and before it powered off the time was 11:11.does anyone know what it really means.


  15. I’ve too been seeing the number 911 all over the place including about 4 minutes ago when I had the idea to look this up and post this message. It’s been happening at least once a day ( usually several a day ) on the computer clock, VCR, Mileage I mean EVERYWHERE. Really kinda weird feel free to email me at

    I’ve too been seeing the number 911 all over the place including about 4 minutes ago when I had the idea to look this up and post this message. It’s been happening at least once a day ( usually several a day ) on the computer clock, VCR, Mileage I mean EVERYWHERE. Really kinda weird feel free to email me at

  17. I’ve been scared lately as I’ve seen 666 it seems almost everywhere. It started with my trip odometer in my car… it seems I just happen to look down when it was at 666. Then a few days later I see it on a license plate that I just happen to glance at while on the highway. Then last week at work I looked at my email list, I have 1,666 emails…still freaked me out! I have seen it numerous other places but cant think of them except for this morning. I was trying to downplay this as being coincidence– so I told myself if a shampoo bottle in the shower had it, then it was for real. Wouldn’t you know the last bottle, the bar code had 666 in that order on it!
    Very strange, I dont know what this means!

  18. I keep seeing the number 13 everywhere. Once I even saw a license plate with the this number 13AP and AP is my initials. Ut was the car in front of us. This started happening to me back in 1997; when I sat down in a restaurant with a jersey over the booth,it was number 13.

  19. wierd
    Yeah I have seen it too all over the place in fact. I went to jury duty and the address
    is 1111! lol. It just doenst stop. Its cool though I have always had a premonition gift
    since birth and I see it as some kind of extension of some sort. I am a born again Christian
    so I dont buy into all the hype on those wild websites. God will explain it someday to me.
    in the meantime its just more evidence that our world isnt what we think. there is another part underneath that we all know is there just cant quite put or fingers on . For me its
    Jesus Christ and his kingdom that will soon arrive, for others… well they just have to fill in the blank somehow. I am at perfect peace in what I beleive so thats all that matters to me.

  20. Same thing I keep seeing 911 everyday!!! Book page numbers , Math answer , Game Scores , Clock ,. – 2004
    And also another thing everytime I was trying to tell someone something like , “It wasn’t me I didn’t do it” the tv then copy my words and then tell the other character ” It wasn’t Me”. and my friend was like HOly $^%$.or when i was reading a book and i was on the part ” Joe: Stay OK?” my teacher then tell the other student to Stay here, at the same time i was reading. This happen to me like 78 times. I think something is watching me every move – 2003 sorry if u are confused
    I think this is a sign of some sort . Probaly a direction to something or somewhere or probaly telling you something gona happen.


  22. Hey I’ve been reading the following notes and feel very different about also seeing the numbers 911 everywhere as well. I started seeing it about a year before the Sept 11 attacks and on the day of the attacks when I woke up I saw 911 as the date come up on my VCR, I looked at that and said that’s it that’s what that means and then after the attcks I felt wow I can’t believe it’s today. Also the attacks in SPain happened exactly 911 days after the Sept 11 attacks. Something is weird here but it’s nice to see other people are the same….

  23. I keep gettng comments on this post, even though I put it out here last July (2003). I think it IS spooky that the attacks in Spain happened exactly 911 days after the 9/11 NYC attack. And it happened on 3/11 and 11 minues 3 is 9. The interplay of these numbers continues. I’m not offering any explanation because I don’t have one. But it is interesting, isn’t it?

  24. I still see 911 today , the locker number , the pencil code or something. But wierd i see the pop ups blocked (111) it doesn’t matter.
    I was born on July 4 btw

  25. This morning when i woke up , i check under my bed to get my shoe and i see this gray sock holder thing that said ” Size 9-11 ”

  26. I’m a senior and 4th period I work in the main office. There is a big digital clock in there and for the past 2 weeks, everytime I look at it, it says 11:11. At first I thought it was cool, but now it’s freaking me out. I also had a dream that I busted my nose and I found out the same night, my boyfriend busted his. I wonder if I have some sort of ESP???

  27. i thought i was the only one and i couldn’t stand it anymore and did a search and here you all are….i’ve been seeing 11’s for about a year….2:11, 3:11….i look at the clock and it’s 11 mins past all the time….grocery store bills come in at some dollar amount and 11 cents and my food order will be number 11. It’s been about a year since it started then it went away and now it’s back again.
    What is it?

  28. This is all fascinating. For the past two years the number 11 has been popping up everywhere for me. It started with every time I looked at the time it would be 11 min. past the hour.I’ve been searching for months now on info regarding the number 11, but can’t seem to find anything understandable, but have come to the conclusion that this is very common. Many people have been experiencing this strange phenomenon is different ways. I have come to realize that my life is filled with the number 11 – my astrological sign, Aquarius, is in the 11th house, my address is 47 (4+7), my name has 11 letters in it, according to my astrological sign my lucky numbers are 11, 29(2+9),38(3+8), 47(4+7) and 56(5+6). Now my parents are seeing the number 11 everywhere as well. I wish I could find an answer to all this. One of my theories is that people are experiencing a higher plane of existance.
    Good Luck!

  29. I have been seeing 9:11 and 11:11 on the clock for a while, but recently I started seeing 10:21 everywhere. I went to the store and my change was $10.21 twice. Then I went on vacation and my flight number was 1021. Over vacation I continued to see 10:21 and 9:11 on clocks. I am about to go to psychic to find out if it means something. Does anyone else have anything with 10:21 ?

  30. Ok Now i begin to see 1:11 2:11 3:11 4:11 5:11 6:11 7:11 8:11 9:11 10:11 11:11 12:11
    1.One morning I woke up and i check my clock what time it is and it was 9:11.
    2. I was watching a 2 hrs movie that start at 8 and an hours later I check to see what time it is and it was 10:11.
    3. I decided to begin to learn more about this mysterious 11 signs so I open my cable tv and decided to change to channel 411 at 4:11, when I did it show about this commercial about something that is $47. SO I decided to add up the number and it was 11.
    Ok I just check my clock right now and it is 8:14 PM and I know i only type this for 3 mins. So it must mean it at 8:11 pm. (srry for confusing) but this is very scary. I still think we have something in common

  31. Grammers
    Ok I just check my clock right now and it is 8:14 PM and I know i only type this for 3 mins. So it must mean I type this at 8:11 pm. (srry for confusing) but this is very scary. I still think we have something in common

  32. Hey this is crazy I just realized that Ive been seeing on my computer time and car time 911 and 1111. Its in a way scary but interesting. Can it mean a bad thing? I dont know but it cant be coinsidence. Its been happening to me very often. Just now I decided to try to find a website like this and I found it very quickly.
    Does anyone have any comments for me because I would like to hear what any of you guys think.

  33. David don’t worry your not the only one who been seeing this numbers. It mostly 1 out of every family can have this power to see the kind of number that alway bother us. And yes it still happen to me.

  34. OMG, I am so glad I am not the only one who keeps seeing 911 day and night! It started almost a month ago, and it’s like a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t see it. It freaks me out so bad, that sometimes I don’t look at the clock when it’s nine…even saw it in a book I was reading. I am scared, I will admit that!

  35. Once you start seeing a number 9:11 then the next month laters you will begin to see the other numbers with 11 examples, (11:11,2:11,3:11). After that the numbers will hide themself by changing into exp, (2:21 , 3:21). And I swear this is the most smartest unliving thing I known

  36. I am at work and a girl that I work with asked me why she keeps seeing 911 when she looks at the clock and my jaw about dropped because I have been seeing it too for about 2 mos. … it has to mean something if so many people are having this.

  37. Hello, I to have been seeing combinations of just straight 11’s for about two years. Whenever I look at the clock it’s either 1:11 or 11:11. Some people beleive this is a countdown to the end of time. I have no clue as to why I see it, but today I got fed up and decided to research it. There is also a bible verse surrounded by this number it is 5: 1:11 I don’t know what passage though as I am not very relegious. Some say it is a sign from the angels that we are on the right path. I’m just getting flat out freaked. I would like to organaize something where people sharing this rare message can meet or discuss thorugh AIM or MSN. Also have any of you had a near death exp OR I know this sounds stupid. but have any of you thought you were taken to a diffrent place. Please replay. As for the 9:11 stuff sorry not buying it. as for the 11:11 and 1:11’s you know who you are. please replay. thank you….
    Thomas. I do know this the number one means the father.. kinda creepy. Oh have any of you been noticing slight telekinses? My AIM is Gosumonk

  38. I’m been doing the 11 thing since about 2000.
    For instance, and this is one of many ways but
    the most frequent way it happens to me,
    I may not look at the time for hours……..
    but the second I do……
    it’s 11:11 or anything 11.
    11’s are everywhere!
    I wonder if the shock of 9.11.01 has made 11
    more noticed? But I saw it before that.
    The mind is strange and wonderful.
    The latest…a training class I was in, I was the
    11th person on the list. My ID number is 83…..
    8 + 3 = 11
    There you go……
    Does anyone else believe in 12.21.12?
    My lucky number is 8.
    And oh course, I LOVE BLACKJACK.
    11……a beautiful number.
    DOUBLE DOWN!!!!!!!!
    Stay in touch.

  39. The fun never stops.
    I noticed my last post, the date and time equal 11.
    7.3.2004 @ 2:16:31am
    7+3+2+4+2+1+6+3+1=29 2+9=11
    Are we trying to hard?
    Or is this something…….
    Isn’t the universe great!

  40. I’ve been seeing the numbers 9:11 on any clock in the house as well, and waking up and its 7:11 and other numbers as well (5:11), but mostly 9:11 and 7:11.. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one, no one I know has been experiencing this phenomenon.. when I read the other posts, they talked about other ways they’re seeing 11’s, and I thought about my phone number its 3818 — and that is 11 – 9 Also my new house I’m building the address is 38 which equals 11 — peace out

  41. I cant exactly remember when i started seeing the number 333 but it has been a couple of years now! i see it everyday of my life on cars, phone number the digital clock every where!!!! id like to know if there are other people out there that are also seeing 333!!!!!

  42. I’m so glad to that I’m not the only one who see’s the same numbers all the time. I constantly see the numbers 666 and 222 and believe me, I’m far from having any associations w/the number 666. It’s really spooky. Is it possible we’re constantly looking for these numbers w/out realizing it??

  43. I came online to look this up and can’t believe that I’m not alone.
    For the past month I’ve been seeing 9:11 all the time and it’s freaking me out. It’s happening far too often to be just a coincedence.
    Last night I got out of the bathtub and walked into my bedroom and my clock said 9:11…I felt a shiver go through me because it was there again.
    I spent a few minutes tucking in my son, got on my pajamas and then came downstairs to watch tv. Sat down…Turn on the tv….VCR said 9:11

  44. It too have been seeing 1111, ever since I was about 16, I am 36. I have told my family and friends for years. I sometimes even wake from a sleep, just to look at the clock at that time. It is on reciepts and everywhere, My next docters appt is on 11/11 and I didnt choose that day the receptionist at the docters office did. My mother and sister also see the number often. I have noticed over the years that there are periods of time that it happens more often then others, more frequently. Would love to hear from anyone with information.

  45. THis is very creepy, and I thought I was the only one, I started seeing this number but what doesit mean b/c i also see 11:34 which backwards is HE:LL this is even more creepy somebody help, or also 12:34 and 11:11

  46. It’s probably been a year now…I’m seeing…
    8:11,9:11,10:11, etc….Weird. It has to mean something. Glad I’m not alone.

  47. Hello everyone, i just did a search on google for the #’s 911. I was so surprised to see that there were so many other people who searched for the same thing. first let me say that i am a 32 year old christian man who has had many struggles in my life,(i am in no way a perfect person)but i feel that here lately god has been realy pressing upon my heart to be prepared for something that is about to happen. within the past few months i have been continually seeing the #’s 9:11, 11:11, etc. i didnt know what this meant but i knew that god was trying to get my attention. i really feel in my spirit that god is so displeased with the state of the world right now ESPECIALLY THE UNITED STATES!!!!! please don’t get me wrong i hope i am wrong and nothing really comes of this but i strongly feel that something awsome is about to take place in america. i am saying these things to you not to frighten you, but to warn you to get closer than you have ever been to god. To those of you who don’t know the lord as your personal savior, began to call upon the name of the lord god and ask him to forgive you of your sins and wash you in the blood of jesus christ who died on the cross for you and I! I would ask that anyone who is seeing these #’s look up biblical scriptures on google pertaining to 911!
    a few that have stuck with me can be found in revelation 9:11, 11:11, and 19:11. Read it and see for yourself what thus says the lord. To all of us that are seeing these #’s i say to you search yourself, if you find anything in your life that does not line up with the word of god, CHANGE IT NOW!! for if he is showing us these things its up to us to tell the world, but we must first be found holy and acceptable in his eye sight. for if we are to warn his people, we must first be prepared!!In Joel chapter 2 verses 28,29 gods word says that i will pour out my spirit on all flesh. your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall have dreams, and your young men shall see visions. i truely believe in my spirit, that time is here!!! These are my opinions, if i have offended anyone please forgive me for that is not my intesion. God bless us all………….!

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