The spooky 11:11 is baaaack.

Every so often, I start seeing the numbers 11:11. What’s really spooky is that I’m not the only one.

It started several years ago, and I wrote about it somewhere on my old weblog but I can’t seem to locate the post. It started with purchases that totaled $11.11. Or change from purchases. Then, it seemed like every time I looked at a digital clock, it said 11:11. I go through spurts like that every once in a while.

It’s happening again. At least with the clocks — in my car, my bedroom, the VCR. I understand that it’s likely that somewhere in my subconscious I’m telling myself to look at a clock when I sense it’s that time. But that doesn’t explain why it only happens every so often, with no logical reason why it should start again.

I’m an irreverent non-believer, which you might not believe because I love to conjure rituals and am fascinated by synchronicities — especially because everything in life really happens so randomly.

Some people are born into poverty and ignorance and some into affluence and privilege. Some get cancer and some depressed and some breeze through life full of joy and energy.

Yesterday, I relaxed for a couple of hours at a friend’s pool — gossiping, reading, book-reviewing, keeping cool and privileged in a manicured back yard of the lovely home that she got in her divorce settlement. And across the city and across the world, others sweltered, suffered, starved. It’s a crapshoot that we begin where we begin.

One one one one. The beginning number. 11:11. Supposedly it means that I’m on the right track. I sure don’t feel like it.

It’s spooky.

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  1. my name is …… I have for the last 3 years starting around july 2002 have bin seeing the numbers 666. On store purchases. on license plates.. i would see it for 3 months or so and then it would go away and come back after a few months.. then on sep 11 2003 i got paid on that thursday, i missed 3 days of work, and my check was 666.00 ive bin seeng the number in many places not only that ive had coincedences like crzy. my son was born 2004 on the same day that my exs daughter was ex the girl who we lost our verginities too. iplayed the matrix online and it froze and said error 666.. and now here we are 3-19-06 11 weeks and 2 days before 6-6-06 wich coincedently again is the day after my bday. 78 days til that day.. i hope nothing bad happens.. im scared yeah.. ive seend things that make me a believer but thats another subject..I just pray that nothin bad happens that day or after. or before.. or ever again..

  2. 11:11
    I had been seeing 11:11 for about 3 years and tried to ignore it. Then one night I went to bed and slept for about 20 minutes when I awoke as if I had been slapped. The digital clock was in front of me with 11:11 on it. This made me take notice and it was a while before I could go back to sleep. Like a lot of people I typed 11:11 into my browser and this is one of the pages I found. I try to ignore the times that I see it on the clock as the numbers might draw my attention. However there times when I can’t ignor it like when I go to turn the car off and then see the 11:11 on the clock. This has happened many times. I will get ready for bed and as I crawl in the time is 11:11.
    Twice I have seen 11:11:11 on my watch which required me to look at it at exactly the right second. 111 Road signs etc. I don’t count as they are seen by everyone who drives by them.
    These sightings that are beyond my control happen way too often to be coincidence. Another part that seems to happen to us is that they may go away for awhile and then return. There is much more but I do not have the time. I am a skeptic and so am still waiting to see what it is all about. It has now been about 6 years. It is more than spooky.

  3. hope this thread is not gone cold!
    I want to hear from anyone like me.
    Seeing 666 often suddenly since 2002. cost of a meal, groceries, train number, phone number, car plates (recently of 2 cars in both directions at exactly same time – nice!) shampoo bottles, cash balance at end of shift blah blah etc etc etc.
    Are we just all a bit crazy? maybe
    I would like if that’s all it was!
    I don’t like seeing it and I feel uncomfortable admitting to it’s occurence, i don’t tell people.
    My sister mentioned it out of the blue, she sees it and is filled with a kind of dread, but I played it down.
    She adds things up to make it though, I don’t understand that! I see a lot of ppl are doing that with their own numbers. I don’t. I don’t want to create it, I’m avoiding it!
    It gets me when I’m relaxed and not expecting it mostly.
    It was weird to see others don’t like seeing their numbers. I thought it was just cos it’s 666 and it’s associations but you all don’t like seeing 11:11 or whatever. I feel relieved when I see those numbers, anything but ‘mine’.
    But it’s still interesting, the common thread. The dislike of it everyone feels, hoping it’s ok. Hoping it’s nothing. Which it might be, nothing.
    Everyone is asking questions, but no one is answering, where do you go with this question? Your doctor? lol
    it’s a weird one…

  4. I too have been seeing 911 everywhere. Its been happening to me since 1998. I thought I was alone, but after seeing this website I’m glad to know that I am not. I always figured this was some sort of warning sign. One thing that worries me is why I keep seeing it. I wonder if something else is going to happen on 9/11 again.
    Does anyone else who is seeing 911 also have experience with ghosts or hauntings? Do you ever feel like you have extreme intuition about people sometimes? I wonder if this phenomena is a manifestation of psychic ability.

  5. Like everyone else here on this forum, I too started seeing 9:11 on clocks/computers at work.. starting about 2 months ago. I thought I was just crazy at first but it started re-occuring very often…like once a day AM or PM at work and at home, in the car almost randomly appearing….it always appeared when I was very busy or had my mind on something else other than seeing it displayed then I would glance at a clock and there it is 9:11!!…. the crazy thing is to me is that the more aware i became of it happening the less it started appearing if that makes any since?
    Is this some devine intervention trying to warn me of something?…i have no idea…im just glad to see that im not the only one this seems to be happening to…anyone care to share their expirence or comments please email me.

  6. I’m glad I found this sight…I thought I was going crazy. I have been seeing the number 911 for about three years now. Everytime I look at the clock it’s 9:11 AM or 9:11 PM. It’s not just the time, but it’s everywhere and it’s starting to freak me out. Makes me feel a little better that I’m not the only one.

  7. 7:47. thats enough of an explaination. Twice a day, everyday, sometimes only once, but still every single day. Can someone tell me why, what signifigance it has, if any, i mean this is a lil bit overboard when it comes to just a coinsidence. I also see 11:11 and 12:34 very, very often too, maybe too often. why?

  8. I’m from portugal and about a year ago i have ben watching the clock very often (70% of times maybe) to times like 22:22 21:21 00:00 3:33(these one i wake up from a bad dream and watched the clock.. 3:33) in the moment is kinda spooky specialy when i got a long time without watching the clock and for no reason wow 20:20 …BUT i keep remember my self that probably i watch the clock more times with normal values and i just dont remember. i dont belive this having a special meaning and probably it have something related to subconsiones, and notice this, so many people with same issues it explains that noticing of these numbers is just kinda normal and i belive when “brain science” gets beter & updated this wil have a scientific explanation. i want to belive to but, even wanting we cant find nothing to prove it… and so many people failing to it.. probaly its because there is nothing to belive! 🙂 so dont worry we “are alone” at least in the solar system and that is proven 🙂

  9. It is very reassuring, that Iam not alone in this.
    I have been seeing 911 for 2 years now. It is on the reciept’s that I get back, to the numbers on a building In interest to the one Im with. It is everywhere!
    It means much more than chance.
    The question is what does it mean?

  10. This is the second time I have posted.
    I find this so fascinating. I have been seeing 9:11 everywhere since 1998, thats 9 years. I have tried to talk to people about this but they don’t understand. I know some try and explain it as a coincidence, but pleeeeease understand this is not. For example, the other day I was cooking something in the microwave and when I went to check it, it had 9:11 left to go. Many mornings I have caught myself thinking, “no need to go look at the clock because you know its 9:11”.. of course when I check the time, its 9:11 exactly. Wouldn’t it make since to think that a higher power is trying to tell us something?
    I am very capable of seeing spirits.. I call them “shadow people”. I can only see them out of the corner of my eye and I have been able to see them for years. I wonder if all of us who are experiencing the 9:11 phenomena are being directed by spirits. Does anyone else see shadow people?

  11. I started seeing the number 911 about a year ago. Evertime something bad happens. (not tragic) my son got in a wreck right after I told him I saw 911. Ive lost a job after seeing it. The longer time goes by, like if I see it for a couple weeks I know its building and the last time this happend it went on for 3 weeks, then my ex got put in jail for 33 days. my sister in law has been with me , we both saw it, then our sons the next day got in another wreck, Its so freaky and sometimes just a PAIN!! to know something else is coming.

  12. yeah iv’e been having this happen to me too with 11:11. i mean its been happening for a few years now. I think something big or bad is going to happen on that time. Maybe its tha time im going to die. I’m just glad im not tha only one. x0

  13. yeah this happens to me too.
    it happens with the 11:11 time.
    it gets a little scary at times.
    I think that somthing bad or big is going to happen on that time. Im just glad im not the only one. x0

  14. Holy cow, my retarded brother about a year ago, started seeing 11:11 on the watch all the time. It was really weird then he started telling me, and a couple of days later I started seeing 11:11 on the clock. So till this day I’m still plagued by this 11:11 thingie…
    ( I wonder if aliens are behind all of this) XD

  15. WOW…WTF…okay, pardon me. I’m still soaking all this in, this entry did start over 3 years ago – and there’s one thing for sure – this is kinda some X-Files sh*t. LOL
    I don’t even know what finally compelled me to investigate this. My exgirlfriend told me I was basically just trippin’ over something insignificant. She said that I must’ve programmed this 11:34 thing in my subconscious and almost had me convinced, for that was better than some message from Damien or something, ya know?!
    But then I realized that it didn’t matter what clock or even where I was at. I mean, it’s not like everybody I know and everywhere I go the clocks were programmed exactly at the same precise moment. Uh, nope. Just look at the clocks around the spot your at now. Chances are that one of the clocks is off by a minute or two, huh?

    Shoot, I’ve been seeing 11:34 for over 12 years now!
    Twice a day. It kinda pisses me off. Cause for a long time I really did think that the Devil was being an ass and teasing me with this 11:34 stuff. I wanted to prove him wrong. That he can’t fcuk with me, ya know?!

    So then about 7-8 years ago, I started to see the hours of the clock, too. You know, like seeing 3:00, 8:00, 10:00, etc. Once again it doesn’t matter where I’m at or whose clock I happen to glance at, sure nuff…

    So, that was kind of a relief to read everyone’s little blabs and bits of info. Good stuff people.

    (and to finally know that YES – I am NOT the only one)

    – dj benihana
    One Love


  16. Wow. Great site. I Googled 333 eight years ago after waking up EVERY SINGLE night and my digital clock said 333. One night my baby (who slept with me every night) fell off the bed and woke me up and it was 333 – of course. It was so frequent and I also saw it during the day – the amount of a bill in the store a million things – that I knew it meant something. Upon reading these emails I was suprised at the 11:11 thing, but what struck me it that the people who saw 333 were invariably awakened in the middle of the night to see it – just like me. It happens on and off, but lately A LOT again. I always felt it was a warning – like the time or date of an impending disaster, but I just could never figure it out. Any one out there feel it is a bigtime warning we are supposed to puzzle out??

  17. i see them all the time 911,711,311. and ive been doing it out and every time i see 911 something bad happens and 711 something good happens i dont know if its just a coincidence or not ? maybe soo but its been going on for the past 5 years?

  18. 9-11.EVERYWHERE.WHATS THIS MEAN.I’m almost fourteen years old and I have got absolutly no clue.Is it a sign?Is something watching over me sending me a message?I just want to know WHAT THE HELL is going getting REALLY freaked out about this.Please email me about this. I really would like some information about this.

  19. Umm this started about 3 months ago, umm it started in the fall I started to see 11:11 every where in my house in school and last night in my house I was getting food for my cat it was meowing around i thought it was hungry and I was looking for the cat food then the stove alarm went off 00:00 then it shut off by itself then it went to 11:34 which is hell backwards and somthing ran right through me and then the 11:34 went 43:11 and I was so in shock I couldn’t move I was soo scared I started to cry and then I heard my moms old friend phoned and siad brother brahnam son is going to take the polp as he predicted before he died and he will have double the power he had and were going to jeffersonville to get prayed for im going im sick of this stuff and brother brahnam siad he will not start his wrath intell everyone is in the gates im going to get prayed for im soooo scared is this it is this the end of the world it’s your choice to beleive in god not mine so pray to god and say in the name of jesus christ im just tell in you man it happen I started to cry this never happens I never cry man I believe in this man no joke but the time 11:34 is creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hola,
    I must say when i actually found other people who have such simular experience as myself, goose bumps flared all over my body, it’s been around 3 yrs now, everyday, everytime, i look at the clock it’s 11 minutes past the hour! I always joke to everyone because it never fails me, My friends and family think im weird i refer to myself as numer 11, what i don’t get or understand is why!

  21. I kept seeing 911 for so many years now and it happens like everyday once or twice daily. Im trying to convince myself im just obsessed with the number…or im looking for it but its the one coming to me .. Example, i was watching movie on PC or tv then right after the movies done the time of the pc or tv says 9:11 and yes my clock is working well. other example, i got a text messages or call when i pick my phone the time says 9:11.

  22. About 4 years ago I started seeing the time of 9:11 everyday. It didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing (even in different time zones), I saw it. One night I got in the car to go somewhere with my friend and noticed his car clock said 8:11. I thought, oh, I missed it today, until he said that his clock was an hour slow (knowing nothing about my seeing 9:11 all the time). I became extremely anxious about the whole thing and of course told nobody, as it seemed crazy to me. About a year after the sightings began, my sister came to me and said that she had been seeing the time of 9:11 everyday. I knew then that I was not alone and told her that I too was seeing it. The next day I began to see the time of 11:11 as well as 9:11, and have continued to see both to this day, although now I also see all other “11” forms with time (4:11, 6:11, etc.) as well as 1111 or just 11 in everyday life. I also frequently see the triple number muliples of 11 (3:33, 5:55, etc.). I have noticed that I only see the numbers when I am not thinking about or looking to see them. It only occurs purely by circumstance when I am doing something else or thinking about other things. When I typed it into an internet search I was shocked to see that many others have had the same experience, although it was interesting to see some of the theories behind it. I don’t know what it means, but I now believe it to be positive in meaning and that we are all connected, somehow.

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