Listening to Voices.

My newspaper today had a column by Andy Rooney bemoaning the fact that his “voice” had been stolen by someone who was circulating something (racist and vitriolic) on the Internet that claimed to have been written by Rooney. It was written in his unique staccato style, and while many readers emailed Rooney to say that they know he couldn’t have written something like that, others were taken in by the accurate stylistic parody. I don

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  1. I have a tape of Barbara Kingsolver reading _Pigs in Heaven_. What a pleasure to listen to, not only the story but the way she makes (for example) Kentucky and Georgia and Arizona accents so different.

  2. Actually, he’s trying to hunt down the perpetrator — tracked him down to a name and address somewhere in Texas (!) Really. But the address was a P.O. Box. He actually went there in person. I’ll bet he eventually gets to him, and when he does, I hope he does a 60 Minute segment about it all.

  3. Where did you get the name Kalilily Time? Does it have to do with the goddess Kali?
    I was drawn to this page because of the 1:11 and 11:11 references, but now I’m extremely curious about the origin of your page name!

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