Keeping the Sandwich Together

Not that long ago, I blogged about being good at beginnings and good at endings, but not being so good at middles. So I have to try a little harder to hang in there through the ordinary times, including ordinary blogging times

1 thought on “Keeping the Sandwich Together

  1. Yum! Too bad you weren’t in the PR tent with Colin Powell and that other General, feeding them delectable treats like these…maybe some good home cookin’ would have calmed those boys down some. We might have had a whole different turnout to that war!
    Personally? I’ve always like the white creamy filling, in between the two cookies, so I don’t hear any crisis here. You getting on the phone and getting your bidness all over your brother to get his ass up there and help you out is proof of the power of the filling in the middle.
    Good luck and may the force be with you (and your bro’.)

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