Heading out.

My mother’s mobile enough. My brother says that he’s coming up for a couple of days. (That always remains to be seen.) The food is ready. Her refrigerator is packed and my friends are on alert. I’m packed. I leave for Boston tomorrow morning. Gonna hug the little guy and his cool mom. Gonna sit on their deck and drink tea and take deep breaths while the work gets done on their kitchen and they head for the park. Be back Thursday. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Heading out.

  1. Such a spot you are in. I still cannot get over your strength, patienct, and finally you’re ability to multi-task. Makes me wonder if I’ll do the same if the scenario ever comes up.

  2. Well, keep in mind that I don’t have a *personal* life anyway, so I need SOME reason to put one foot in front of the other every day. I can’t help but feel sympathy for my mother; getting old, being alone, and not knowing how to make friends is a nasty combination. I guess, in some ways, I believe in the “pay it forward” philosophy of life. What goes around comes around. (Of course, that doesn’t stop me from bitching in the meanwhile, does it?)

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