5 thoughts on “Such Are The Times.

  1. Dear Elaine, please don’t become a blogging dropout! The world needs more, not less, of your fun and your seriousness, your sanity and your insanity. Great to hear all your news now that you’re back from Maine. It sounds like a wonderful trip–we missed you in blogworld. xxx Betsy

  2. Everyone deserves a break from time to time, and no one should do what’s onerous… but you and George are both writers and as a reader I’m waiting for him to come back and I’ll miss you if you take time off too.
    Writing online is a wonderful thing because of the opportunity for feedback and the opportunity to share narrowly or more broadly.
    The whole A list blogger thing is overdone. Jeneane is there as an A list blogger and I certainly enjoy reading her. You and I are not but what we contribute is ourselves and fuck anybody who says that’s not a lot.
    Sorry about your media disappointment. Hope you don’t let it cloud your judgement about how worthwhile these genres are.

  3. Well, I really wasn’t that disappointed. There’s always a downside to getting that kind of exposure — especially since I don’t have a business that I need to promote and I prefer being a middle sized fish in any kind of pond I find myself in. I’ve always been a solid B+ in just about everything — better than average but not in the alpha category. I’m definitely not a “type A” pesonality either, so I’ve always been quite comfortable as a B blogger, and I do like the company. Since I so enjoy writing, I doubt if I’ll actually quit blogging completely, certainly not for a while. I guess I’m in a post-vacation slump.

  4. Elaine you have an incredible gift to ignite fires under people’s butts, to make them wake up and pay attention. You make the world more aware.
    We are so desensitized from the relentless bombardment of horrible news, television, PR spin, White House White Wash, Potter’s pubicity hype.
    You have that crooked magic finger that points to our foreheads and says “Look at this!” and we must slow down and look at that. *I squirm sometimes, like a child led to the piano by the ear, but I get over it soon and after the lesson I am rejuvenated by new knowledge, a deeper understanding of the world.*
    Now stop all this shite-talking about giving up.
    You’re just lazy from dancing in the sand.

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