5 thoughts on “Practical Vacation Magic

  1. Wonderful!
    I felt moved by this story; spirals are a large part of my life, and lately I have had a longing for the coast and driftwood and smooth stones. Thank you!

  2. Oh Great Kalilily! You truly are a treasure. So full of life and life spirit, you are destined to change the shape of the world. I can feel it in my old bones.

  3. Hi, Elaine.
    Speaking of magic, you may be interested in various works of Alan Moore. You may recall me quoting Mr. moore at some point over at my place. He is best known as a comics writer but for a couple of years now he has considered himself a magician. He is a brilliant writer and his magical works (hey, as you and he might say, all art is magic)are remarkable. If you’re interested I can recommend some specific titles you might be interested in (recordings, or workings if you will, and comics).
    I wonder where that seed is now. . .

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