Are we as dumb as Dumbya?

From myrln, who heard about it on NPR:
You may remember Dumbya’s big “hydrogen car” plan in his proposed budget at some couple of billion or so bucks. Many said, Huh? Well, get ready to huh again.
Now there are basically 2 ways to get hydrogen: from water and from hydrocarbons. The former leaves behind oxygen, the latter carbon. Which method does the Dumbya plan focus on? Why the hydrocarbon one, silly. Why? Because the basic hydrocarbons to be used are FOSSIL FUELS!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means precisely no difference in our basic approach since we’d still be totally dependent on fossil fuels. Why would he choose that approach? Can you say Halliburton? Can you say Oil. Can you say Iraq?
(And btw, carbon is harmful to environment, too — airwise, I think. Supposedly it would have to be bonded to rocks and buried in the earth, a very expensive process and likely another $$$bone Dumbya can toss his businessbuds

Are we going to let him get away with this??? Are we going to vote those unethical manipulators out of office?

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