Lies, lies, and more lying videotapes.

They’re making a movie of Jessica Lynch’s rescue. Surprise, surprise! Except the original rescue was already a made-for-tv movie according to the BBC, as reported in an article in the Austin American Statesman
“It was like a Hollywood film,” Uday said, according to the BBC. “They cried, ‘Go, go, go,’ with guns and blanks and the sound of explosions. They made a show — an action movie like Sylvester Stallone or Jackie Chan, with jumping and shouting, breaking down doors.”
Kampfner, writing in the Guardian, said Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman in Washington, declined to release the unedited military video to clear up discrepancies. Nor would Whitman comment on Lynch’s injuries, saying only that he understood there is “some conflicting information out there.”

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