3 thoughts on “Deja vue veracities.

  1. There’s been so much dirty money changing hands in the White House since, … forEVER, that it’s a good thing they invented those disposable latex gloves. I believe they come in the gift bag now when you’re sworn into office.

  2. Monkey business
    Monkey intelligence after a misadventure by the water.
    If a monkey plays near the water and an alligator bites its tail, it will stay away from the water.
    CIA intelligence after a misadventure in Iraq.
    “A recent [November 2004] CIA report on weapons of mass destruction says the U.S. government is convinced Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon but offered no concrete evidence.”
    Hmm. WMD again? Who’s going to believe them now? Why don’t they just shut up. The way they blather, you’d think they were paid by the word.
    Bush’s intelligence, speaking in Canada recently (Dec. 04).
    “The objective of the U.N. and other institutions must be collective security, not endless debate,” he said. “For the sake of peace, when those bodies promise serious consequences, serious consequences must follow.”
    In other words, he continues to bash the U.N. and Canada, implying “I was right. You should have approved my invasion.”
    That is precisely the kind of talk that has the world pitted against us.
    He is also still babbling about the onus for peace being on the Palestinians. Exactly the words needed to further rile the fanatics who did 9/11. He should just keep his mouth shut.
    And most recently (from the Washington Post):
    “President Bush approved yesterday [Dec. 8] $20 million in direct aid to the Palestinian Authority… Bush views the $20 million as a token of the United States’ renewed commitment to jump-starting the peace process.”
    Up to there, sounds great, n’est-ce pas?
    But get this:
    “But after discussions through aides with members of Congress, Bush tempered his plans … and instead stipulated that the $20 million be spent on Palestinian utility bills from Israeli companies.”
    In other words, the money is really going to Israel, not the Palestinians. Israel, by the way, already gets about $3 billion each year from the U.S..
    Unlike the monkey, Bush never learns. You’d think he gets his kicks waving his tail at alligators.

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