7 thoughts on “Three reasons why I’m so glad I had kids:

  1. (Um, maybe I’m missing something, here…3 reasons? Do you have 3 children? Or 3 grandchildren? And is b!x your infamous Oregonian son? Just checked out his blog–he has a very smooth writing style; I particularly enjoyed his coverage and thoughts on the Doonesberry Invasion! LOL!)
    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    smoochies on both cheeks (the top ones) and a kiss on your sweet, precious mother’s head…
    ah…I can almost smell the lavender or lilac perfume now.

  2. Let’s see:
    1. That’s my daughter and her little boy. That’s two good reasons right?
    2. b!X? Yup!
    Heh. Lavender? Sweet head? In my dreams!

  3. OH! I thought the redhead was you! (I broke my glasses, Elaine….(Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, no wait, that was Jenna & Heidi on Survivor Amazon!) Um…don’t hate me because I’m blind as a bat! OK, daughter, grandson, son. I Got It, now. Is she a real redhead? Is that what you looked like, when you were her age? Rowr. Hubba-hubba.

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