Take care of the caregiver

I spent today at a workshop for caregivers on how to take care of themselves. I find that what I really need for myself is a chance to commiserate with other caregivers, so I offered to set up a private weblog for the the 6 of us who took the workshop. I’m hoping that they take me up on it. I know that some Alzheimer patients use weblogging both as a support group and, even more importantly, to have an easily accessible record of what they can’t totally remember. When they blog every day, they have a record of their activities to which they can refer.
I gave the other caregivers my url and Blog Sisters’ so that they can check us out as examples of weblogs. I hope that they notice the link to my E-mail up near the beginning of the sidebar so that they can get in touch with me if they want to follow up.
While most of the bloggers I read are looking for ways to use the Internet and even public weblogging to make money, I’m more interested in it as a tool for individuals who need a support group for some specific reason. That means a private site, and that’s certainly no problem. I was part of a small private women’s poetry weblog, which ran its course; but it worked well for a while.
I’m trying to think of a title. I’ll probably do it through blogger, since that’s the only one I know how to set up. I also know that you can opt out of Google’s system; I’ll just have to dig out the code. Of course, then I’ll have to find someplace to get a Comments feature, since I used YACCS for my old blogger weblog, and I understand that you can’t get that any more. If no one responds, this is all moot anyway. At least I’ve tried.

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