Why I think women are way ahead of men.

Brain research is making it more and more evident that, while our environment and nurturing can make a crucial difference in what kinds of adults we mature into, nature deals us each a very definitive hand, and much of it is in the form of chemicals that our brains produce. If we don

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  1. I’ve long thought that pms is more of a blessing than a curse. I like the lightheaded hormonal rush feeling. I also like the monthly reminder that all is well within the major bodily systems affected (without being subjected to the often arbitary judgement of a stranger/doctor). I also think the “bitchiness” from pms comes from fighting it. If one knows that its here, and makes a point of *not* feeling anxious over being a bit more hormonal, pms isn’t necissarily a bad-mood inducer. I’m more subject to crowded-bus rage than I am pms, but nobody tries to medicate overcrowded public transportation sufferers. Although now that I think about it, a pack of valium with your monthly metro ticket is a nice idea.

  2. Maybe I should have said PMDD, because my PMS wreaked havoc with my life — couldn’t focus at work, couldn’t deal with kids, major headache, and the stress it all caused usually made me wind up with an upper respiratory something-or-other. It’s all a matter of degree. My point was, when our chemistries become the enemies of a every effort we make to have a good human life, we should be encouraged to choose to do something about it.
    Everything after the “Heh” was meant to be facetious (I think).

  3. Hah! I knew it would be you, Tom. And I’ve left a commment on your post. I can always count on you to respond with both truth and wit. And that ain’t easy.

  4. I just read your proposal and I cannot agree more. I am doing research on this subject, praticularlly how hormones lead to violence. Women who are severe PMS suffereers receive progesterone to even out hormone levels. Two women committed murder in 1980 which was the when PMS finally began being recognized. One received progesterone to control her violence before menstration. There really needs to be a way to minimize high amounts of testosterone in violent males. Maybe this would make them less violent, and would only be controlling their hormonal imbalance, not their “manhhod.” We don’t need more evil in this society, there are enough killings and rapes and controlling testosterone levels, beginning with inmates might create a less violent society. But, your’e right, male researchers apparently do not want to look further into this. My question is…why? What’s the harm in trying to control violent, aggressive males?

  5. I had SEVERE PMS FOR OVER 10 years. Every month – I would be _itchy (you can fill in the blank. I would think about committing suicide one or days a month also (but, I thank the good Lord from keeping from doing such a stupid thing). I think Satan uses our hormones to try to create major problems in our lives – so I have to lean on God to help me through those very rough times). I researched this hormonal problem for years and finally learned about progesterone. I tried the yam cream – no help.
    Then I found an all natural compounding pharmacy to help me – 1st we tried the natural REAL progesterone cream but for some reason – I wasn’t absorbing it, so the pharmacist and my obgyn decided to put me on a troche which you put between your gum and teeth. I take 100 mg. twice a day – it took several months for them to get me up to that dosage – they start out with just a little and work their way up – so it can be very frustrating until you get it right. That has helped me greatly for the past 4+ years.
    It helped with the PMS, but I was also having other mood swings. I found out (from my own research) that I have seasonal affective disorder ( get very depressed when there is a lot of snow or rain. On cloudy days I would get so depressed, that I could barely make it through the day). And, recently started having panic attacks (esp. under great stress). I learned about L5htp. My Dr. wanted me to start taking Zoloft – I said no thanks and started looking for an all natural product – I found this and it works great. You can get it at a natural health food store. The stuff at Walmart isn’t nearly as potent. It says to take one a day, but since I was still having “some” problems occassionally – they said I could take 2 a day if needed. My nutritionist said to take 1 in the a.m. 1/2 hour before breakfast and I can take another one later on in the day to help me get a good night’s sleep – but not everyone needs to take 2. Mine says 100 mg. on it. Recently I was trying to stretch my progesterone (because of lack of $) and I got _itchy again and crying and weeping – just plain sad and mad! I did not like this person at all nor did others that I hurt because of this hormonal imbalance, so I got back on my meds properly, and that’s also when I upped my L5htp to 2 a day and everything is sooooooo much better now! And when the sun is shining – it is just wonderful….I love being me again! And the others around me can see such a big difference.
    I’m sorry that this is so long, but this is something that I feel SO strongly about – that I would like to help every woman out there. Seratonin (from L5htp) also comes from sunshine!
    If we could only bottle the sunshine. There are full spectrum light bulbs that you can purchase which help also and light boxes, etc. I tried to get my insurance to buy a light box for me but they wouldn’t. They really should as this would probably save many violent things from happening…..thanks for listening…I hope I have helped SOMEONE!!! I’ve been researching things on the internet – it is soooo good to learn of all these new things & I have read a lot about all of this. Good luck to all the women out there! (the think I need help with – if anyone has any ideas) is how to get rid of all this estrogen FAT – that I have accumulated over the past years. I’m not gaining any more now – but want to get rid of what I have! Thanks, LP

  6. Also, In addition to what I posted above.
    You should NEVER take L5HTP if you are already on an antidepressant such as Zoloft, Paxil and others. You would have to go off of them first before you can take the L5HTP. (consult with your physician) (study it on the net-take the info to your Dr)….. and….. in addition to this – and on the subject of the violence and hormonal relationship. I was told one time (by my sister) that most of the women in jail committed their act of violence during PMS! So, ladies – do research and get help if you need it…..your hormonal imbalance is NOT your fault, but it is your responsibility to take control of it. (sorry for the typo in above posting – thing not think)
    Thanks, LP

  7. Women are way ahead of men? Are you stupid? You need a serious reality check. Look at all that we’ve invented! Do I really have to spell it out for you? Lets start here, shall we?: The numerous Indian mathematicians Baudhayana, Apastamba, Katyayana, Umaswati, Aryabhata, Varahamihira, Brahmagupta, Govindaswami, Mahavira
    Pruthudakaswami, Sridhara, Manjula
    Aryabhata II to name a few, the religious prophets ie. Bhudda, Christ, etc. and all the others like Einstein, Freud, Gandhi, Socrates, Darwin, Pasteur, Rutherford, Newton, Henry Ford, Faraday, Edison, etc.
    You women wouldn’t even KNOW about you’re estrogen without US men- WE did the research. It is well known that the male brain is hard-wired for goal-oriented highly specific, compartmentalized, rational and efficient activity, so what does that mean you may ask? Well to sum it up: WE get things DONE. We ACT. PERIOD. Not like you giggling nancies who like to watch desperate housewives and waste hours shopping deciding on whether or not to buy ONE freaking pair of pants, and your “pretty” little pink thongs for your lowrise jeans that you’ll match oh so delicately with your blouse, when there are MORE important things to do! What usually takes a woman 3 hours to decide upon and buy from a store takes a man 6 MINUTES, TOPS. Half the time you people don’t even know what exactly it is that you want! And then you were saying that the world would be better without men? I got news for you:
    you wouldn’t HAVE a world without us men, you just wouldn’t be able to get anything done- look at all the contributions we’ve made, the aformentioned names can easily attest to that, and no, that’s not just the TESTOSTERONE talking…

  8. lol, way to prove the point of this thread. A guy coming in and aggressively attacking it. She was talking about women being ahead of men on the peace front, by the way. So, you just proved her point. For one thing women don’t usually barge into men’s threads and immediately start spewing off garbage, but that’s pretty minor compared to all the wars they start. And fyi, you need to take a good stroll through some alternate reading sources and start noting how many women have actually been written OUT of history, because after all, it has long been a man’s world. It’s no surprise that men who have owned the means of production for so long would primarily write about men, promote men, hire men, etc. That is fortunately changing little by little. The fact that men have used sexist notions to hinder the other half of the population is nothing to proud of, even though it has helped them to get farther, and it does reinforce the thrust of this thread.
    It’s interesting that you spoke primarily of Indians. Now there’s a society where women can really go far thanks to men. They aren’t setting themselves on fire pretty often or anything due to male abuse of that system. It’s kind of harder to sit down and get the creative juices flowing when you are, you know, still fighting for basic rights. Men have long been aware that if they were to support women’s rights they might get less for themselves. That’s why you don’t exactly see them on the front lines of that battle. So, let’s not talk about how helpful men have been to women. They are responsible for more loss of women’s lives than any other natural disasters combined.

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