Manifesting full-moon magic for Shelley

small mojo.jpg
This, my way of imaging prayer, visualizing vibes, willing wishes into the world.
This, for Burningbird, inspired by Rage(B) and my racial runic memories; echoed in the far-flung voices of Sisters loosely joined.
The image:
– My new silver amulet with a coral-centered double dorje (symbol of strength and wisdom that cannot be destroyed) on the front and the monogram of the kalachakra heruka on the back for protection against suffering, negativity, and conflict.
– A bindrune symbolizing the transformation of obstacles into successes, the discovery of lost investments and legacies, fulfillment in career matters, and increased health, strength, and confidence.
– A necklace owned by three Sisters in remembrance of hearts loosely joined.
– Burningbird aflame, rising, turning the full Cold Moon ablaze.
– And a feel of spring in the background, the eternal egg, rebirth, resurrection, renewal, hope.
Shared and joined hope for Burningbird and sent out into the filling moon.

2 thoughts on “Manifesting full-moon magic for Shelley

  1. Worth more than all the fairy dust in the magic kingdom

    Few things could have cheered me more than this picture, drawn for me by Mike Golby’s daugher Cathryn, and the wonderful story that accompanies it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Cathryn. Thank you Mike. And thanks also to Elaine, for doing tha…

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