Still Scrambling After All These Years

You would think that by now, by age almost 80, I would have figured out what I want to be when I grow up. Or, rather, what it is I want to do with my remaining years. I wish I could still dance, but both knees are badly arthritic. I wish a had a group of women friends (like I used to in Albany) to hang out and laugh with, but I haven’t been very successful in meeting more than one such person since I moved here a decade ago. I don’t think anyone realizes how much life changes when you get to be my age and you can’t physically do the things you love without dealing with the resulting pain as well. I kind of opt for avoiding as much pain as I can. And I wish I could find some new, painless ways to have fun.

I think that for elders who are wealthy, options for having fun are various and many. They can travel first class; they can hire caterers to throw great parties where they can meet interesting new people; they can get massages every day to help ease their aches and pains; they can eat at gourmet restaurants and can socialize at the best night spots. It also helps if you have a partner, but there are a lot of women (many more than men) left alone to figure out the rest of their lives after their partners die.

Of course, we are stuck in a time in which it is certainly NOT fun for 98% of us middle class folks, as we wait for someone to end this governmental travesty.

There certainly is a lot I think about that I’d like to write about: toxic masculinity, toxic femininity, loneliness and aging, sacred psychology, technology, my newly-leased orange Honda Fit (photo to come).

This is a start.

2 thoughts on “Still Scrambling After All These Years

  1. Wow, that sounds like a good start! Having a partner (I have one) and being rich (I’m certainly not) are beneficial, but not necessary to enjoying these years! Being grateful for every day does help, I’ve found.

  2. I wish I had a group of friends too – it IS harder at this point in life – no forced togetherness like in school or at the office. We don’t socialize much. I keep hoping,
    but I’m glad Mike and Nutmeg are still here. Mike is 80 today. Nutmeg is somewhere around 13 and is showing her age. Mike is having a hip replacement on Tuesday (a belated birthday present?). It’s been quite a year. I am glad to hear from you. I wish we lived closer.

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