Every post below this is from earlier incarnations of Kalilily Time. There’s good stuff here, and I don’t want it all to disappear. But times are changing. I haven’t blogged in a a year.  It’s time.  It’s the times.

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  1. Please keep up the good work. I appreciate your insight and your point of reference is so different from my years.

  2. Hi Elaine….What kind of change are you considering. Keep writing…..you are far to talented to stop. Besides, it keeps you young and on top of your game. I’m doing a little of a lot of things…..writing, photography, reading, therapy, exercise to name a few. I just recovered from a bout with double pneumonia which required hospitalization, but am now mostly mended from a taxing ordeal.

    • My good intentions fell by the wayside as I had to divert my attentions to getting various biopsies,all of which turned out pre-cancerous, so I am having them dealt with. There’s so much stuff going on that it’s almost too overwhelming to try to focus on a subject. Meanwhile, I just harvested my first batch of legal marijuana. I have awful sleep issues, and that’s the only thing that helps. I’m not surprised that you are still active and engaged. I haven’t seen anything yet that Wach can’t beat. Didn’t you get your pneumonia shot???? I’m glad you are on the mend. What are you writing??

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