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Ex-Lion Tamer tagged me for posting five interesting things about me.
I had to do some serious thinking about this, since these days, my life is about as interesting as a bowl of cold oatmeal.
1. I once accidentally left a pink satin teddy in a bed at a New York City hotel where my daughter was waitressing/singing.
2. For more than twenty-five years people assumed that I had curly hair because I always had a perm.
3. Last night my mother and I stayed up until 2 a.m. watching “Lilies of the Field,” and I realized that I had never seen the movie before! Sidney Poitier was totally HOT!
4. I hardly ever read non-fiction. I am usually reading two fiction books at the same time and listening to a third on my MP3 player as I fall asleep. Understandably, I often don’t remember the stories a month later.
5. I started two craft businesses thus far in my lifetime, doing craft fairs and selling to folks who found out about my wares by word of mouth. The first I called “Self-stones,” and I turned tumbled stones into various simple accessory items and packaged them with a description of the magical lore and healing properties associated with those stones. The second was called “Sass & Chic,” and I sold shawls that I crocheted in a spiral from a pattern that I designed. Here’s a photo of four, two of which I embellished with washable pony beads.
Of course, I never really made any money from either craft business. But I had fun.
I need to figure out how to have some fun in the future.

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  1. our couples therapist ordered us to investigate how we manifest joy in our daily lives, and recommended we go to our community of friends for suggestions. so we threw a soup party for about twenty people crowded into our tiny bungalow, and had everybody bring a token to place on our “Joy Altar” and tell a story about how they manifest joy in their lives. it was fun. the most popular answer was, of course, from parents who said that their children were manifestations of joy.

    i showed everyone my action figure collection.

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